Republican Kendon Underwood Announces Run for Arkansas State Representative


It is a blessing beyond measure to live in Northwest Arkansas.

Thank you to the school teachers who are investing in our future, the parents who are investing in our families, and the small business owners investing in our communities. Thank you to the fire fighters, first responders, and police officers who are selflessly sacrificing for our safety. A special thank you to our veterans and active military who are sacrificing for our freedom. Despite our best efforts, we will never be able to express enough gratitude for your service.

Thank you for your service and for making this place Whitley and I call home so incredible.

The Bible clearly teaches us that leadership is about serving our neighbors rather than for our own self interests. True leadership requires humility, dedication, and hard work.

A few weeks ago I formed an exploratory committee to gauge support for another campaign for State Representative. The response from District 90 has been overwhelming and clear: the voters of this district are ready for change, and we have the support to win. Today I’m officially announcing I will be a candidate in the Republican primary for District 90 State Representative in 2020.

The people of District 90 deserve a real conservative leader whose actions in Little Rock are consistent with their rhetoric at your front door. We don’t need politicians who say one thing during a campaign then do another in Little Rock. We certainly don’t need more excuses for abandoning conservative principles for more big government policies. The Republican Party nominee should actually support Republican, limited government, real conservative values.

I believe in real conservative values: protecting the rights of the unborn; defending the Constitution; fighting for limited government, less regulation, and lower taxes; giving parents more educational freedom for their children; and enforcing the rule of law.

I enjoyed meeting many of you last year. I am proud that our efforts got us within an historic 3 votes margin. Although the representation in Little Rock did not heed the concerns of the people, make no mistake, your voice is being heard. I will fight each day for those additional votes the same way I will fight for real conservative values in Little Rock.

I look forward to speaking with you again. I would appreciate your vote in March. Above all, I would appreciate your prayers in the coming months.

God Bless,
Kendon Underwood 
Republican for State Representative